Corticare for Critical Care & EMU

Bringing EEG services to your hospital.

Are the critical care patients at your hospital monitored for seizures 24/7?
Do you have reading physicians available 24/7? Do you know what patients are seizing?
Are you a level III or IV EMU?

CortiCare can provide real-time solutions to all of these scenarios with our innovative, remote tele-EEG services.


  • Remote access via secure connection (HIPAAcompliant) provided by CortiCare
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Registered technologists, including multiple CLTMs with an average experience of more than 10 years
  • All data remains with hospital


  • On-demand readers are available 24/7/365
  • Our team can supplement your team to provide full coverage – an effort to prevent litigation for unattended seizure management
  • Comprehensive, written reports every 24 hours
  • Consultation offerings for seizure management

Why you should EEG: Mind Blowing Stats

If untreated, the mortality
for patients continuously
seizing is > 70%.
More than 50% of seizures
in the ICU are sub-clinical,
showing no outward signs