Corticare EEG Services. Reliable. Accessible. Cost-Effective.

Whether you're a large hospital or a small private practice, CortiCare offers low cost, end-to-end neuro diagnostic services. Use all or just those you need, when you need to – view, monitor and access - easier than ever.

Remote Continuous EEG Monitoring

CortiCare is pioneering the ability to remotely monitor continuous EEG in the ICU, NICU, ED and EMU… anywhere, anytime. With over 40 ABRET Registered Technologists (many with CLTM), we are dedicated to improving patient care through real-time monitoring and communication.

From continuous coverage to filling in the gaps to on-demand – we deliver
We know not every hospital is alike. That’s why we can partner with your facility to meet your specific provider needs. Whether it’s 24/7 continuous monitoring or just nights, weekends and holidays – we can fit your workflow gaps. And when it comes to on-demand, you can expect a quick log-in response from one of our technologists – typically within 15 minutes of your request. Our flexible approach can also provide all the necessary EEG equipment or simply work with your facility’s current brand or system (EMS, Cadwell, XLTek, Nihon Kohden)

Remote Reading and Consulting

From the ICU and NICU to the ED and EMU, CortiCare offers the only nationwide network of remote EEG reader services, including long term, stat and routine studies. Our board-certified neurophysiologists and epileptologists can see up-to-the-second patient brain activity and interpret potential seizure risks. Discover a real-time EEG solution that can help you make quicker decisions on patient management for what’s most important – healthier outcomes.

Reading is available 24/7/365 and includes:
  • Integration with your existing readers to ensure full coverage.
  • Comprehensive final reports for every study.
  • Remote connection via your system or through CortiCare's HIPAA compliant software.
  • All patient data remains with the hospital – right where it should be.
  • A full credentialing department to ensure seamless documentation.

A growing need for pediatric and neonatal neurologists
There are less than 1,500 pediatric/neonatal reading neurologists in the U.S. today. CortiCare’s Tele-EEG makes it possible for facilities, including units like pediatrics and neonatology, with no neurologists on staff to provide insightful EEG readings. With 24/7/365 availability and comprehensive reporting, we can provide a big hand for your smallest patients.

Going beyond the read: Consultation
Once a seizure has been identified, what's next? Our services don’t just stop at monitoring and reading for potential seizure risks. Our team of Readers also provide seizure management consultation on therapeutic pathways – helping patients live healthier, always.

Ambulatory / Routine

Improving care and your bottom line
Are you interested in performing Ambulatory or Routine EEG studies in your office? CortiCare provides all of the tools to make it easy to implement in your practice without the added costs. With our variety of equipment options, our EEG platform is less expensive than you might think.

  • We provide equipment at a small monthly rental
  • Our EEG experts are here 24/7/365 to annotate and interpret

Pay for only the services you need.
Want to do your own reading? No problem—you can pick and choose only the services you need. And you control the billing! Discover a truly customizable platform like nothing else on the market.

What we can provide:
  • EEG Equipment

  • Patient Set-Up: EEG Cap or Training

  • EEG Review and Annotation

  • EEG Reading

  • Cloud-based EEG software and Data Storage

Equipment & Caps

EEG Systems: Yours or ours – it’s up to you.
Do you have your own equipment? CortiCare’s services can be used with any existing equipment. We work with EMS, Cadwell, Xltek, Nihon Kohden EEG systems and more.

Need equipment? No problem and no large investment needed.
CortiCare can provide any brand equipment on a monthly rental basis to your facility, helping you avoid large capital expenditures. We can offer these rental systems at a much lower cost when using our services.

CortiCare innovation: Smaller, faster – more affordable waves of care.
We can provide your facility with a new wireless, handheld EEG system at a much lower cost than traditional methods, whether you purchase or rent. Experience expert monitoring and reading analysis for everything from sophisticated EMUs to simple routine studies at a cost that any community hospital or private practice can afford.

Innovation: the reusable cap
Can your facility set up a patient at midnight or in your office? Do you offer a nimble on-boarding EEG platform? Like most facilities, it can be difficult to have trained personnel to set up electrodes on patients. CortiCare solves that problem by combining agile technology and an easy to follow user experience with our reusable EEG cap.

We can even train your nursing and tech staff on how to successfully apply the cap, how to interface with the EEG system and how to connect with CortiCare. Discover everything your facility may need to have fully functioning EEG capability. It could be the difference between healthy neural functionality and seizure damaging episodes.

Available On-Site Training

Setting up EEG Patients - It takes people to make EEG successful.
We can provide on-site training so your personnel can set up patients 24/7. Our experienced technologists can teach your staff how to equip a patient with the traditional 10/20 electrode configuration or cap. They can even provide hands-on training to your nurses, respiratory techs and sleep techs on how to set up patients and basic buttonology on EEG systems to ensure collection of clean EEG data.

For Intensivists - Learn how to identify seizure-risk patients.
Did you know that over 20% of Sepsis patients experience seizures? Are your intensivists familiar with the latest ACNS guidelines? Do your NICU physicians understand the dangers of letting seizures continue? Taught by our medical director, an epileptologist, CortiCare offers insightful onsite training that covers which patients are most likely to experience seizures, how those seizure impact outcomes and how to better manage those at-risk patients.

Cloud-Based EEG and Data Management

Access data anytime, anywhere.
CortiCare provides an innovative technology that allows access to your EEG studies, via an EEG cloud-based system. Using the cloud, we’ve established the ability to store, read, and access EEG studies – quickly, securely and reliably – wherever, whenever. These studies can be accessed and stored for years, while meeting all HIPAA requirements.

In fact, CortiCare is the only EEG platform with the ability to connect any EEG brand of equipment to the cloud.