Clinical Trials

Brain Monitoring for Clinical Trials

Real-time EEG Data, Monitoring, Management and Analysis with a Global Reach

Electroencephalography (EEG) is an ideal biomarker for successful drug development, particularly in the evaluation of seizure liability and monitoring changes in sleep. Sponsors with NDAs for neurological disease are adopting EEG for a wide range of functions: to track natural history, safety, pharmacodynamic assessments, and biomarker development.

CortiCare provides EEG clinical research services worldwide. CortiCare is a CFR 21 Part 11 compliant provider of clinical outpatient and in-patient EEG services. We serve hospital neuro-ICUs, Neonatal ICU’s and Epilepsy Monitoring Units daily, compliant to all HIPAA standards.

CortiCare can help facilitate the design phase early on through collection of EEG Data, cohort design and insightful analytics. Our cloud-based EEG capabilities provide unique data collection and access by both on-site clinicians and sponsored medical directors.

Through our Advisory Board, CortiCare can team with leading academic institutions to provide in-depth analytics, in addition to the normal quantitative EEG analysis.

CortiCare EEG Clinical Research Capabilities and Activities

Data Processing

  • EEG and video data uploaded to the secure CortiCloud™ AWS EC2 Cloud server
  • EEG data processed for quantitative EEG analysis, sleep staging, and seizure detection
  • EEG interpretation from our board certified highly experienced neurophysiologists

Consulting and Design

  • Trial design and coordination with a team, includes a Scientific Liaison, Clinical Trial Project Manager, Lead Data Manager, Informatics Project Liaison, and a Regulatory Expert

Clinical Research Coordination Activities

  • Protocol design
  • Statistician support
  • Pharmacometrics and biomarker development
  • Custom database configuration
  • Regulatory support

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