CortiCare EEG Monitoring Platform

The New Wave of EEG Brain Monitoring

Improving patient health – and bottom lines – one hospital, clinic and practice at a time.

With CortiCare’s innovative EEG brain monitoring platform, no facility is limited by the cost of EEG services or access to experienced technologists and neurophysiologists.

Since our qualified medical team is remote, CortiCare isn’t just domestic, we’re global. When it comes to EEG services – we can get you the right information for faster clinical intervention and improved patient outcomes – wherever your location, near or far.

CortiCare's EEG brain monitoring platform at a glance.

EEG 1st Tele-EEG
Services Firm
EEG Technologists 40+ Registered
Board Certified 50 Board-Certified
Reading Physicians

Bringing EEG 24/7/365 to:

Private Practice Private Practice
Community Hospitals Community Hospitals
and Clinics
Teaching Hospitals Teaching Hospitals

Why you should EEG: Mind Blowing Stats

If untreated, the mortality
for patients continuously
seizing is > 70%.
More than 50% of seizures
in the ICU are sub-clinical,
showing no outward signs